When Preston Sharp was visiting his grandfather’s grave at McDonald’s Cemetery in Redding, California, for Veteran’s Day a few years ago, he noticed that many of the graves went undecorated and unattended to. The 10-year-old boy immediately wondered why did nobody take care of those other graves. He became upset. Preston’s mom said that she has never seen the boy “this angry and passionate.”

It all started with a visit to his grandfather’s grave…

Upset that the graves of veterans went untouched and forgotten, Preston came up with a way to honor these fallen American heroes. According to GoodNewsNetwork, Preston was complaining about the abandoned graves for hours after, so his mother reminded him that if he wants something done, he has to either do something about it or let it go. Fittingly enough, Preston really wanted something to change and he soon made his own plans to collect the money he needed for his new inspiring project.

He worked odd jobs to get the cash he needed for his project

Preston started doing small jobs around the neighborhood so that he could have enough spending money to afford flags and flowers for the graves. At the cemetery, he also plucked the weeds and cleaned the gravestones. When he finished his work providing for McDonald’s Cemetery, he then went on to help other veteran cemeteries. He does this rain or shine. In many circles, Preston has become known as the “Pied Piper of Patriotism.”

His work eventually became so contagious in the community that other volunteers came out to help the little boy plant the flags and the flowers, and thank every fallen soldier individually for their service.

Realizing that he could do more good with the help of others, he eventually started a GoFundMe page. Aiming to raise enough money to help bring flowers and flags to graves between Redding and Sacramento, the campaign was popular enough to raise over $30,000.

As of this writing, Preston has given away 17,500 flags to graves of those who fought for their country, and he reportedly isn’t going to stop promoting patriotism anytime soon.