A Whataburger in El Paso, Texas, took notice of an elderly man who came in everyday for breakfast, and quickly began to think of him as their #1 fan. Taking a special interest in him, when the staff learned that his 80th birthday was coming up, they decided to surprise him!

‘Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnson!’

Source: Twitter/Emma Carr

Recently, Ed Johnson has been going to the restaurant everyday to have the same breakfast: a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with a coffee on the side. But for his birthday, he got a large vanilla sheet cake with orange frosting writing, “Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnson, Customer #1, Whataburger.” In addition, the staff decorated the place with balloons for him and sang to him.

In order to arrange the surprise party, the restaurant staff made plans with Johnson’s granddaughter, Emma Carr, who later shared the story on Twitter. Johnson was under the impression that he was treating her after picking her up from swim practice.

Source: Twitter/Emma Carr

“He was crying. He was so happy,” said Carr.

“They all sang to him and told him, ‘Happy birthday.’ It was a really sweet moment.”

‘He loves them and they love him’

“It was a really special moment because he’s super humble and puts everyone above himself. It made me really happy and made my heart warm that he had people looking out for him and taking care of him the way he’s taken care of his family for the past 80 years.”

According to Carr, the whole affair may have meant more to her grandfather than the staff realized. Johnson had made the routine of going to the Whataburger after his wife, Lola, passed on and he began to feel lonely. Wanting to meet people, he made friends with a group of regulars who went to the restaurant, and eventually befriended the workers as well.

“He considers every single member of the staff a part of his family. He loves them and they love him.”

That said, while now he knows it to be true, Johnson had already become somewhat aware of how much the workers care about him.

“The lady that does most of the cooking, if I don’t show up by a certain time, she starts asking the other staff where I am,” Ed said, according to ABC News.