Kittens are known for their curiosity and their agility—and as a result, often end up in strange places they don’t belong.

Residents of Grosse Pointe, Michigan were surprised to find one kitten hiding in a very tricky spot, and he would not come out—but the trouble didn’t stop there.


In the parking lot of the local St. John Hospital, someone returned to their car to find there had been a break-in.

No, not a human—rather, a feline stowaway, who had somehow gotten himself into an unusual place.

He was hiding in the car’s engine.


Strangers tried to get the cat out, but when that failed, an expert was called in: Corinne Martin, the executive director of the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society.

Martin arrived with the equipment and expertise, but she was unable to coerce the cat out of its hiding place—because it turned out, this cat just really loved car engines.

“Two of us in two hours were unable to get this kitten out of the engine, because it kept going from engine to engine,” she told WJBK.

“So it was in five different cars.”


After two hours, the wranglers had no luck luring this cat, who seemed frightened by the people trying to save him.

“Every time I’d get under the car and make a little chirping noise, the kit would come down,” Corinne recalled, “And then the minute it would see my face it went ‘ah, it’s scary!’ and he’d run up into another car.”

And then, the cat was gone. Corinne and her team were devastated by their lack of success at rescuing the cat, but it seemed like it was out of their hands.

Then they got another call the next day.

Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society received another call a day later about a cat stuck in a car engine. Corinne found out that the car had been to St. John Hospital, and she was thrilled to realize it was the same kitten.

They arrived, determined to get the cat out this time. By then the cat had moved to the car’s bumper, and the vehicle’s owner helped them use a hose to push the kitten out the other side.


Finally, they were able to rescue the cat and keep it safe.

“It’s really incredible,” Corinne told WJBK.

“It’s a miracle.”


But the story didn’t end there.

Corinne received yet another call a few days later.

Another kitten was found in a car engine in the same parking lot.


“She said, you’re not gonna believe this, there’s a kitten in an engine,” Corinne recalled to WJBK. “And I’m like, this is a joke. And she said it’s not a joke.”

Luckily, the rescue was much easier this time—the car’s owner popped the hood and the kitten was just sitting there, right on the engine.

The kitten was taken into the Animal Adoption Society, where the team made a stunning discovery.

The two kittens were brothers.


Turns out, it runs in the family. These two long-lost brothers were reunited—thanks to some dedicated rescue workers and their shared taste in hiding places.

The kittens are now being well taken care of, and reportedly the Grosse Point Animal Society has been receiving plenty of adoption offers for these cuties!

Watch the video below: