Joe Noonan has been offering people the experience of swimming with wild dolphins in the open waters around Hawaii and the Bahamas for years. For the first time ever, however, he allowed a dog to come along on a trip to meet the dolphins. What happened was a rare but fun and beautiful sight to see!

There’s a first time for everything!

Sandy is a rescued dog who was taken in as a stray by some of Noonan’s friends who live in Bimini. Sandy had already proven herself to be an excellent swimmer. In fact, Noonan points out that she can swim more than a kilometer. But this would only be the second time that Sandy would ride in a boat.

It can be a little tricky getting into the water!

Noonan had taken Sandy out on his boat for the first time a week before. She had obviously loved it, as the next time Noonan headed out, she leapt off the dock and swam after him.

“So I scooped her up and off we went,” wrote Noonan on YouTube.

When they reached the dolphins, Sandy became curious. It would be Sandy’s decision to remain a passenger on the boat or jump into the water she loved so much.

She took the big leap!

Sure enough, not long after Noonan entered the water, Sandy launched herself off the boat in the gorgeous blue waters. Sandy swam off with Noonan to meet her new friends.

When Sandy got right up close to the pod of dolphins, they decided to dive down deeper, not being so familiar with furry, four-legged creatures!

Watch the video below to see the first time Sandy participated in a wild dolphin swim! Enjoy! Would your dog do this?