Abigail the pit bull has become an unexpected social media fashion icon, and with that adorable face, you can clearly see why.

Unfortunately, her status as canine fashionista came as a result of the nearly deadly abuse she has endured. It was during that time that Abigail lost an ear and suffered other extensive wounds.

Brutally Abused and Near Death

It’s the loss of that ear and her related head injuries that led the dog to the world of hats and headbands. Abigail doesn’t leave home without a beautiful bow or other fancy head adornment.

But last November, Abigail was just a stray, picked up for loitering and delivered to Miami’s busiest city animal shelter last. Her condition was horrendous. An entire ear was missing from her head, and skin was literally missing from parts of her face and body.

Founder of the Florida-based nonprofit, Victoria Frazier from Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, saw the graphic “before” pictures of Abigail on Facebook. Frazier was concerned that Abigail might be euthanized, and she immediately took action to make sure that didn’t happen.

“I needed her just as she needed us,” Frazier said.

Frazier then sent Abigail to Pets First Wellness Center for wound therapy, skin grafts, and extra pampering. Due to the dog’s injuries, veterinarian Thomas Jackson guessed that she may have been a part of dogfighting.

Turning Horrors into Hats and Headbands

The bandages Frazier used to cover Abigail’s wounds made the cute little pooch look like she was wearing a bonnet. The treatments were frequent and the bandages rotated from “bonnets” to headbands, and the fashion trend had begun.

A dog that was unbearable for some to even look at suddenly became the the new doggy darling of Facebook. People noticed. People noticed a lot!

Discovered On Facebook

Abigail’s cute new looks have earned her many followers on social media, and she seemed to respond well to the loving attention.

“She’s just happy,” her new owner Megan Steinke said. “It was definitely a magical moment. And she knew.”

(Facebook/Bonnets for Abigail)

In fact, her fans kept sending her new lovely headband and hat options for her to show off to the world. Slowly but surely, she was growing a fan base of humanitarian dog lovers from all over the world.

Abigail the Survivor

Her newfound popularity cemented Abigail’s role as a symbol of hope in the midst of pain and cruelty.

“We really hope that people look at Abigail, this pit bull, and see that she has defied the odds,” said Steinke, in an interview with Today. “She is hope.”

Abigail is now, officially, a hero!

(Facebook/American Humane Dog Awards)

Because of her miraculous recovery, defying all expectations, Abigail was named by the American Humane Dog Awards as “Hero Dog Of The Year.”

The “Hero” award included a celebratory black-tie, celebrity-infused gala, held in Beverly Hills—just the place for such a fancy gal.

Helping Others With Her Newfound Beauty

(Facebook/Bonnets For Abigail)

Abigail eventually found a forever home with 29-year-old Steinke and her 37-year-old husband, Jason.

Steinke cleverly realized that Abigail’s story could be an example for others, “She had to endure suffering to get to where she is today,” Steinke said. “Then you see her today, and how forgiving and loving and inspiring she is.”

“I think Abigail touched so many hearts because she suffered through so much, yet in every part of her life exemplifies gentleness and forgiveness,” American Humane president Robin Ganzert said. “So many of our hero dogs overcame great odds to do good things for others even when they themselves were in need of help.”

The American Humane Society ceremony is set to be broadcast in a two-hour Hallmark Channel special on Oct. 26.

Watch the video below:


Source: After life of abuse, a headband-wearing pit bull is named ‘hero dog’ of the year from Today.