Daryl Mutz from British Columbia, 83, wanted to leave behind a legacy in his will. And he did just that when he wrote off his entire estate to four charities. In the donation, he included $275,000 to go to a small animal shelter in New Westminster, BC. For a operation like The New Westminster Animal Shelter, Mutz’s donation was a huge surprise.

Animal Control Officer, Margie Fox, told CTV Vancouver, “We are totally blown away. A thousand dollars is a big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” she said. “We would love to keep a legacy for this gentleman. I think he must have been an amazing man.”

Mutz had no children or spouse to leave his estate to after his death, nor had he ever visited the shelter.

To those who knew Mutz the donation was no surprise. He gave in many ways throughout his entire life, especially in the classroom. That couldn’t have been more apparent than while reading some of the sentiments former students and friends left for him.

“Thank you for being a friend to a confused young teenager. Your students have long held you in their memories. You were unique, to us ‘Nightingale’ kids. You were our first male teacher. Your views, your very presence, an open window to the range of life’s possibilities. I hope to repay my debt to you by how I hold my grandchildren.”

“Daryl Mutz was the best teacher I ever had at Sir. Charles Tupper Secondary (1966-1967) Very supportive. I have thought of him often throughout the years. Sad to read he has passed RIP, Mr. Mutz.”

“Daryl had always enjoyed good health so the news of his death came as surprise as well as a shock. He had a most interesting and varied life that one can only envy him.”

“I remember Daryl with a smile on his face, always. At Princess Margaret Secondary School, where I worked with him as a fellow teacher, he had the gift of working with the special needs students. His quiet and gentle personality was always appreciated by myself and fellow teachers.”

The executor of Mutz’s estate, Madia Long, met with New Westminster city staff in February 2017, and announced to the city that Mutz had divided his entire estate between four separate organizations: the New Westminster Animal Shelter, the Wildlife Resource Association of B.C., the Covenant House, and the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund.

CTV Vancouver reported that Mr.Mutz made some specific requests for how the money was to be used for the animal shelter. He asked that $115,000 go toward “animal enrichment, such as toys, treats and special training sessions.” He also asked that $55,000 go toward “animals needing ‘excessive’ veterinary care, and the rest, $55,000, be used to assist low-income pet owners with their veterinary bills and a special program for neutering feral cats.


Source: Man Leaves $275,000 Donation To Small Animal Shelter He’s Never Even Visited by Sunny Skyz and Legacy.com. Images via CCC Pixabay.