You’ve probably heard of someone being brought back to life through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and chances are you’ve read a story or two about someone saving a cat or dog the same way. But what about other animals?

When 15-year-old Joshy Martin joined a rescue effort led by Warriors 4 Wildlife, an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization in Melbourne, Australia, he saved a swan’s life using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

A concerned citizen called Warriors 4 Wildlife about a swan trapped in fishing line.

(Source: Facebook/Warriors 4 Wildlife)

After Warriors 4 Wildlife volunteers rushed to the scene where a juvenile swan was caught in fishing wire, they didn’t think they could be much help. Although there was some movement in the swan’s eyes, the bird was otherwise lifeless.

Despite the swan’s slim chance of survival the volunteers brought it back to their clinic. And it was on the ride back that Martin performed the life-saving skill, demonstrated in a video the organization posted to Facebook.

Martin gave the swan mouth-to-mouth.

(Source: Facebook/Warriors 4 Wildlife)

Carla Penn, owner of Warriors 4 Wildlife and Martin’s aunt, suggested that Martin give the swan mouth-to-mouth and though he at first he thought she was joking, he eventually complied. Penn said that it was because of Martin’s actions that the swan started to breathe again.

“Joshua’s eyes lit up, when the swan starting breathing – it was the best thing,” Penn said.

Because of Martin’s actions the volunteers were able to get the swan to the clinic where they administered oxygen and an IV drip.

(Source: Facebook/Warriors 4 Wildlife)

The swan was treated and Warriors 4 Wildlife planned to release the bird back into the wild. Unfortunately a few weeks after they rescued the swan, it contracted a secondary infection and did not survive.

Although the swan didn’t make it, Warriors 4 Wildlife tried their best and gave the swan a fighting chance. As one commenter wrote on their Facebook page, “there’s always more animals to try and help.”