Every man knows, the quickest way to romance your wife is by surprising her with flowers. However, perhaps the easiest way to get on her nerves is to send them to someone else.

Luckily, Debbie Cardone, from Palm City, Florida, was very understanding when her husband sent a beautiful bouquet with someone else’s name on the card.

Her husband often sends flowers.

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

Cardone’s husband often surprises her with an occasional bouquet to show he cares. With a job that frequently takes him on long trips, flowers are a gesture Debbie always appreciated.

In February her husband was working in the Middle East, and Debbie had been stuck at home taking care of their 10-year-old bulldog, Sebastian, who was recuperating from knee surgery.

“He had both knees operated on almost two weeks ago,” Debbie told The Dodo at the time. “He has about an eight-week recovery.”

“I made him a little doggy wheelchair,” she told ABC News. “I pop him on that and I then wheel him to the backyard. It’s been a nightmare. He’s like a stuffed animal; he doesn’t want to move.”

Sebastian the dog just had knee surgery.

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

So when flowers arrived at her door, Debbie naturally assumed they were to show appreciation for her hard work and dedication.

“I thought they were for me,” Debbie told ABC News. “I thought, ‘Aww, he’s appreciating how much work I’m doing taking care of Sebastian.”

Wait a minute…

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

Then she read the card, and discovered they were for someone else.

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

Her husband sent flowers to the dog.

“Sebastian. Feel better, you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy,” the card read.

It was admittedly a bit of a let-down for Debbie, who was feeling a bit overworked throughout the whole thing, but luckily for her husband—and their marriage—she also has a great sense of humor.

“I laughed,” she told The Dodo. “I was having a bad day, so I just chalked it up to the continuation of my day. It was very cute though.”

At least they smell better than the dog!

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

As for their recipient, Debbie told ABC that “Sebastian really enjoyed them,” but she was worried they’d go to his head, as he was already being pampered after his surgery.

“He’s enjoying all this ‘bring everything to me’ attitude.”

But that was just the beginning…

Debbie posted about the incident on her Facebook page, but the story really went viral when her daughter Lily posted about it on Twitter.

As the story was trending (and Valentine’s Day was approaching), the company 1-800-FLOWERS decided to get in on the action, and sent their own flower arrangement to Sebastian—this time in the shape of a dog with a stethescope.

Then Sebastian got more flowers…

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

You can imagine how Debbie must’ve felt about that!

But luckily, they also sent the poor doggie caretaker her own arrangement of flowers, thanking her for all her hard work.

Finally Debbie gets a bouquet too!

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)
(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)

However, it looks like Sebastian still knows he’s the favorite around here.

(Facebook/Debbie Cardone)