Passengers in police cars are often the dangerous type—and almost never adorable.

So imagine the surprise officers from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office received when they discovered some unexpected stowaways in one of their squad cars.

The car was sent in for repairs.

(Facebook/McHenry County Sheriff’s Office)

A deputy at the Illinois sheriff’s office returned from a few days off-duty to discover one of his car’s headlights was out.

The car was brought to the department’s mechanic for repairs.

But as they were fixing the headlight, they noticed something unusual.

“The mechanic began replacing the headlight and noticed the wire had been chewed,” Deputy Sandra Rogers told The Dodo. “He started to fix that when he saw a whole bunch of leaves.”

(Facebook/McHenry County Sheriff’s Office)

But the bigger surprise was when they discovered what was in those leaves.

It was a nest of baby squirrels!

(Facebook/McHenry County Sheriff’s Office)

The mechanic called the officer, who rushed over in the middle of the night with his family, not wanting to miss the cute, unlikely sight in the middle of his own squad car.

The mechanic safely removed the nest by taking apart the car’s wheel well.

“They were all in perfect condition and sleeping soundly when they were removed by the mechanics,” Deputy Rogers told The Dodo.

“It was really cute because their eyes were still closed and they were all tucked in a circle.”

(Facebook/McHenry County Sheriff’s Office)

The sheriff’s office posted the photos and story to their Facebook page—where they revealed the story had a happy ending:

“The babies were returned to the deputy’s house where they were reunited with their worried momma,” they wrote in the post.

“And boy did they have some stories to tell her.”

Indeed. It’s not always great to hear that your kids are in police custody, but in this case it seems like it worked out!