Buying a home is a big commitment, and when you have kids, it’s always a good idea to bring them along to see how they like the house.

When the Ojeda family was ready to buy a new home, it was a big deal. Natalia and her two daughters, Layla and Lilli, had hit hard financial times over the years thanks to legal battles, according to Right This Minute. Older daughter Layla was even forced to move out.

But this time, Natalia had a new man in her life, and they were ready to build a home again—it just had to be the right one.

So they were thrilled to see that Lilli, the younger daughter, seemed to like the house they were touring.

So much so that she literally dances around the empty living room:

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

And why wouldn’t she be? The for-sale house is full of cool features, like a TV stand with built-in “party” lights that everyone is psyched about:

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

And some… more peculiar features, like a bedroom wall with a giant Oakland A’s logo.

Lilli is not impressed with that.

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

She does like the bathroom, which gives her some ideas for her future YouTube channel:

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

As well as the master bedroom with two closets! Her sister jokes that “this is your room,” but her mother quickly shuts her up.

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

But they saved the best thing about the house for the end of the tour.

Lilli decides to check out the bathroom attached to the bedroom, but the lights are off. So she uses the flashlight on her phone to get a better look.

And then, she sees something on the mirror…

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

And when she reads what it says, she realizes the truth:

They had already bought the house!

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

As her family confirms the truth, Lilli is thrilled and breaks down with emotion, realizing she’s standing in her new home.

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

But it got even better.

Her sister Layla, who was touring the house, makes an even better announcement:

She was moving back in with them, too!

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

“I haven’t lived with my family for about two years now so it was a big deal for me to move back in,” Layla wrote in the info section of the video.

“I can’t wait to be with them every day!”

(Layla ojeda/Screenshot)

“Yay,” Lili says, in tears. It’s all she can say to capture the overwhelming moment.

The family is all together again, and that’s the most important thing—even more important than having two closets.

Watch the video below: