With a little hard work, Hannah Jenkins figured out a formula that worked for her to lose major weight and get stronger and healthier. And now she wants to help other people do the same thing.

The recent college graduate from Tennessee started her journey of weight loss during her freshman year, and just one year later, she had changed her life.

Check out the transformation!

Jenkins’ regimen started with about an hour and a half of cardio every day. Later, she incorporated 30 minutes of weight training, three times a week. Now she’s struck a balance of two days of weightlifting and two days of cardio each week.

She began her weight-loss program during the New Year holiday of her freshman year of college, and by the following New Year, she was down about 100 pounds.

It didn’t take her much longer to make that 120 pounds in total, and soon people started to notice the dramatic change that had taken place as she journeyed through her path of health and wellness.

Her story got major coverage.

Catherine Kast, from People Entertainment, contacted Hannah about appearing on a television show that features a series of women who have lost 100 pounds or more. Hannah said yes!

She was willing to share her secrets!

When more and more people started asking how Hannah was getting her results, she happily shared her successes. She even changed her college major to nutrition!

She eventually brought her dad on board and taught him about nutrition and exercise, as well as her younger sister. Her twin sister lost over 100 pounds using the same habits that Hannah had learned to make a priority in her life.

Nutritious eating took some getting used to.

The change was especially challenging for Hannah’s family, because they grew up in a culture where they ate a lot of convenience foods, like oven burritos and corn dogs.

Now, their meals are more nutritious and include items like baked potatoes and salad instead of fries. She was even able to find healthier ways to prepare some of her “old” meals that she loved so much before she started the diet.

A Big Change

Hannah pointed out that one of the things many people who don’t deal with weight issues tend to take for granted is what it’s like looking for a job. Hannah said if the uniform at her potential place of employment involved any type of tucked in shirt or tight pants, she crossed that one immediately off her list.

But everything has changed for Hannah, right down to her wardrobe. Her goal right now she says is to help people who want to lose weight in any way that she can to help pay it forward.

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