Tiny baby turtles are first and foremost adorable, but their lives are far from easy. As much as we humans love them, we can also be somewhat careless towards them, especially when we’re driving.  The poor things are often run over while trying to cross the street.

In truth, roads are no safe place for baby turtles to play!

The Long Point Causeway in southern Ontario has been a pain in the shell for crossing turtles attempting to get to the beach ever since it was installed, which was nearly a century ago. According to estimates, the number of turtles and other reptiles who lost their life to the traffic could be in the thousands!

In 2006, one Canadian stood up and decided this slaughter of innocent turtles needed to stop. Rick Levick and other locals pushed for the development of culverts, or tiny tunnels, to be installed so that the turtles could be granted safe passage to the beaches they want to call home. But the project would cost $2.7 million, and it took two years of campaigning to get it approved. A local author had promoted the cause and raised money by releasing a children’s book entitled “Never Give Up.”

After waiting a decade, the turtles finally won their day at the beach (literally)!

According to the Good News Network, “We did have some opposition,” said Levick in a statement, “It was people very skeptical that we could do anything that said: ‘Well we’ve been running over turtles for years, and they’re still here, so why bother?’ Of course, that’s probably what they said just before the buffalo disappeared.”

In the end, the turtles won their happy ending. Through the installation, it has been said that death rates for turtles near the project has dropped by 80%! I’m sure if the turtles could talk, they would say “thank you” to these friendly Canadians for their help. Hopefully other areas with similar turtle situations can take a hint!