A person’s class ring is an irreplaceable memento, one personally designed to commemorate their high school experience. For some people it’s a cherished memento of an important time in their lives, which makes it devastating if the ring goes missing.

That’s what happened to Utah resident Jamie Kilgore. A year after receiving a white gold, diamond and blue-jeweled ring to commemorate her senior year, the ring went missing, presumed to be stolen.

Over the next decade, Jamie had accepted the ring was gone for good.

Which makes it remarkable that, eleven years after it went missing, someone discovered the ring and used its details to track down Jamie and return it to her.

Even crazier than that is where it was found: an underground mine… 1,300 miles away.

No one is sure how, but the ring improbably ended up in Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park, half a mile underground. After the ring was discovered during a tour of the mine, it was kept in the park office for about a year.

When no one claimed it, park employee Kassandra Bjorgo decided to track down the owner using the ring’s clues: the school’s name, graduation year, and the barely-legible cursive inscription of Jamie’s name.

Kassandra then sent Jamie a Facebook message she never expected:

“Does this happen to be your ring?”

The outreach made Jamie emotional, both from seeing her long-lost ring again, and from the idea that someone would take the time to return it. She reportedly sent Kassandra a gift out of gratitude.

“It means so much that somebody would go out of their way to look me up,” Jamie told Fox 13 News.

It’s a remarkable story in so many ways. Not only because the ring showed up unexpectedly after all those years, but because it shows how connected we have become. Modern technology and social media combined with old fashioned detective work to bring the ring home, and connected two strangers a thousand miles away from each other.

So if you’ve lost a prized possession at some point, don’t lose hope just yet. Some kindly stranger might be tracking you down to return it right now.

Watch the Fox 13 News report below: