Things aren’t always how they appear on the surface. One California cop and an 18-year-old young man learned that first-hand when they encountered each other one night on a dark road.

Officer Kirk Keffer was driving down a poorly lit road in an industrial area of Benecia, California when he saw something that startled him—something he says “wasn’t right.”

It was a young man in a hoodie, walking late at night by himself on the side of a road that didn’t have any sidewalks. Officer Kirk Keffer felt it was a little suspicious.

“And it kind of caught me off guard, because I normally don’t see anybody out there, and there’s no sidewalks. He’s kind of walking on the side of the street,” he told CBS.

He pulled him over and talked to the young man.

“I’m not gonna move. I don’t want him to think I have any weapons,” was Jourdan Duncan’s first thought when he saw the police vehicle creep up from behind him.

But Jourdan Duncan told the cop he was just walking home from work.

So the officer did what most officers wouldn’t—he offered the 18-year-old a ride home. And it was on that ride home that Officer Keffer was struck with admiration and respect for the young man sitting next to him when he learned why he was on that street at that odd hour of the day.

Duncan walked a 7 mile, two and a half hour commute from a totally different city just to get to work, and that, said Officer Keffer, says a lot about his character.

“His drive, his work ethic—to me that speaks volumes.”

“Not many 18-year-olds that you meet have that kind of mindset. They don’t even wanna walk down to the store, let alone walk seven miles just to get to work.”

Duncan didn’t really have a choice, however. He explained to the officer that his car had broken down a couple of months ago, and although people had offered him rides, he wanted to get there on his own. So he walked the crazy commute to work, the manufacturing company Pro-Form Laboratories.

That struck Keffer to his core, and after he dropped him off at home, he decided he wanted to do something for the hardworking young man. So Officer Keffer did what most officers wouldn’t even think of doing.

“So I said, ‘Jourdan, you’re not in trouble. We just want to give you something.'”

Keffer called Duncan and said he had a brand new bike—a gift from Officer Keffer and the Police Association to Duncan to help him get to work.

Duncan was incredibly grateful. He told CBS, “I was just looking at the bike, like this bike is gonna be cherished.”

But that wasn’t all. There was just something about this 18-year-old that made Officer Keffer go out of his way to get the young man on his feet. He admired, respected the young man’s work ethic and attitude.

So on top of getting Duncan a bike, he also helped raise $38,000 to help him buy a car and pursue his career—which was, of all goals, to be a cop.

“It’s an honorable job,” Keffer told Duncan, as he took him under his wing. He even took him for a spin on the job to show Duncan “what law enforcement does.”

It’s incredible how a suspicious night on the road can lead to a friendship, mentorship, and even the most unexpected of partnerships.

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