If you’ve ever spent more than ten minutes trying to comfort a crying baby unsuccessfully, you’ll know just how heartbreaking it is. If you are a parent or carer, you may already know this sweet little technique!

This 3-month-old little guy misses his mom. When you’re 3 months old and you want your mommy, someone could hand you Disney World and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference. But when Dad wisely hands you anything that smells like your mom (who happens to be away for a few days), the crying ceases instantly and the world is right again!

I want mommy! I want mommy! I want mommy! I wan … Oh. Thank you.


Here’s the science behind the magic.

According to Parenting Magazine, babies are already experienced, expert scent connoisseurs, even before they are born! The olfactory senses are completely formed in the first trimester and, in utero, everything a mother eats or drinks, the baby smells. They even begin to have preferences for certain smells.

In general, sweet smells are preferred, but lemon is also high on the list as well. Make no mistake, however, it’s the smell of good ol’ Mom that is number one on that list. In a study performed just one day after birth, newborns favored breast pads worn by their moms to those of any other woman. Mom’s are powerful in so many ways!

H/T: Daily Mail.