Working in the food service industry is particularly difficult, even at the best of times. Taking down orders, dealing with ornery customers, and generally rushing about trying to deliver food without dropping it can be mentally taxing. On top of that, they are not generally well-paid positions. For one young Ohio resident, the normal trials of the job would seem like a cakewalk compared to the responsibility thrust upon him on his second day of work.

Austin was eager to make a good impression.

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16-year-old Austin Goddard was fully committed to finding gainful employment. His mother worked as a dishwasher and Austin would regularly visit her at Skyline Chili in Sycamore Township, Ohio, on his time off and help her.

“I’ve been here almost a year and [Austin] volunteered with me on Saturday nights mostly,” Shannon Goddard, Austin’s mother, told CBS News.

He was ecstatic when he was hired, and eager to make a good impression as many new hires are. A naturally hard worker, Austin was bussing tables, getting the dishes, silverware, cups and doing any other random odd jobs required.

On his second day of work, however, Austin noticed something out of the ordinary at one of his tables where an elderly man looked like he was choking.

“Larry just collapsed right there where he was eating, and they asked if anyone knew CPR,” Austin told CBS News.

Shocked, most people froze, unsure of what to do. Austin, however, did not hesitate.

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“I just ran up and started doing CPR on him,” Austin told CBS News. Austin described his technique of putting both hands on the chest and keeping his elbows straight while applying enough pressure “like you’re supposed to.”

The man, Larry, was resuscitated thanks to Austin, and then handed over to the care of medical personnel who arrived and quickly rushed him over to the hospital.

Luckily, Austin was certified in CPR, a skill he learned in the 10th grade at his high school in Indiana. But his quick reaction, something that could not be trained, was what ultimately saved the man’s life.

“I thought it was amazing. He has the complete different reaction to emergencies than I do,” Austin’s mom Shannon told CBS news.

Later, the man returned to the restaurant with his wife and they expressed their gratitude to Austin personally.

Despite the fame, however, Austin remained humble.

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“I’m just glad I was able to save a life,” Austin told CBS News.

If you are ever in Ohio, drop by Skyline Chili. At least you can rest assured knowing that with Austin on the scene, there is one less thing to worry about.

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