If you’ve ever done something – anything, as a part of a team, you probably understand the importance of collective support in the face of challenges, and the sheer grit it takes to reach your goal. Nothing exemplifies that spirit better in the form of physical competition than the Tough Mudder challenge, and they’re not afraid to show you!

Left hanging…


Over a course covering ten miles of mud and more than twenty obstacles specifically created to challenge all comfort and confidence levels, it’s probably the toughest event on the planet, but the victory is that much more rewarding.

A little help?

The purpose is to provide a challenge for those who are willing to push themselves to the extreme, working together as a team, and leaving them with a sense of accomplishment. Oh, and they do all this in the name of charity!

A little more help?!

The video shown here is from Tough Mudder 2014 – Montreal – Everest. It is extraordinary in itself, as you’ll watch an entire group of people come together, some of them complete strangers, to help one man climb up a steep and slippery slope. Twenty help one scale a mud-soaked twenty-foot-high wall with a vocal support team numbering more than one hundred. Watch it to the end, because you will feel relieved and happy to share in their victory.


This scenario has played out repeatedly in one form or another since the competition began in 2010. To date, over 2.5 million people have participated in one of two-hundred Tough Mudder challenges taking place in six different countries. The winners also walk away with $10K for winning male or female or $12K for winning team.


Source: Most Incredible Tough Mudder Moment You Will Ever See by Limitless Performance on YouTube and Tough Mudder.