Gender reveal parties are all the rage, and they keep getting more and more creative!

This newly-wed couple is expecting their first child already, and they wanted to surprise their family with a fun and unique party they would never forget—live on Facebook!

Cute couple Roxy and Hal wanted an exciting gender reveal party.

When Roxy and Hal Garrity returned from their honeymoon, they learned that their family of two was about to become three.

“[Hal] didn’t believe that we were pregnant, [so] I took another test, and it said ‘pregnant!’” Roxy told LittleThings, where she works as a creative producer.

Families from both sides of the newlyweds were just as excited as the couple was when they learned that wonderful news.

Family and friends gathered together.

Some couples prefer to wait until the baby is born to learn the gender of their little addition to the family, but the Garritys are not one of those couples.

However, it’s not that they don’t like surprises—they most certainly do! That’s exactly why they gathered their friends and family members to celebrate the announcement of whether their baby was a boy or a girl—with a special creative twist.

This kind of creativity is not out of the ordinary for the two lovebirds. In revealing to each of their families that they were pregnant, Roxy gave a Mother’s Day gift to her mom in the form of a photo that was captioned, “The best mothers get promoted to grandmothers.” And Hal told his family by giving them a bottle of wine with a sonogram photo taped to it. Cute, eh?

Everyone tried to guess the gender.

Roxy and Hal said most people they talked to guessed the baby would be a girl.

Hal also agreed he thought it would be a girl, but Roxy said she wanted to go against the flow and guess it was a boy.

The big reveal was almost ready.

The couple held the gender reveal party at a local country club on a beautiful summer day in August, and everyone gathered near the cake table.

Then the fun was about to begin! Hal took a golf ball filled with liquid colored smoke and got ready to give it a whack. It was a brilliant idea that left everyone with great anticipation.

It’s a… ______!!!

Using his best form, Hal stepped up to the ball, lined up his shot, reared back his club and let er’ rip!  Boom!

As the ball burst apart, all that was left was a harmless but happy explosion of smoke and a very excited group of friends and relatives.

It’s a girl!

It was pink! Congrats to the new couple and new parents!

Watch the video below!


Source: Husband Hits Exploding Golf Ball At Gender Reveal Party To Announce That They’re Having A Girl from Little Things.