Every bride wants to look great on their wedding day, and many brides spend months planning their perfect look for the event.

But shortly before she walked down the aisle, Jaclyn Summers, from Summerville, South Carolina, added a new accessory to her wedding dress that she wasn’t planning on.

She broke her wrist and had to wear a cast.

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It was only 11 days before her August 31st wedding when Jaclyn took a tumble down her stairs, thanks to an incident with her dog gate.

“I heard the dogs getting into something downstairs, and I wanted to sneak up on them,” she explained to Today Style. “I thought my short legs could get over the dog gate, and I fell down the stairs.”

“As soon as I fell, I knew I broke my wrist,” she told Inside Edition.

She underwent surgery and ended up with a cast around her arm.

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For Jaclyn, it was an inevitable disaster waiting to happen, a result of the stress she was under. She told LittleThings that she “cracked under the pressure of wedding planning.”

But this was definitely not part of the plan.

“All I ever wanted to do was find my soulmate and marry them[sic],” she told Inside Edition.

“I wanted my day to be magical and I never planned this.”

Still, she had to make the most of it. When the day arrived, Jaclyn dressed up her splint with white lace to match her dress, and she walked down the aisle with her new husband, Jonathan Summers, at a beautiful ceremony in Charleston.

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It was, for the most part, a perfect day for Jaclyn.

“My wedding day was everything I ever thought it would be — except for the broken wrist,” she told Today Style.

Little did she know, her husband had a surprise in store that was going to turn the unfortunate situation into one of their most memorable wedding moments.

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The party planned on posing for wedding photos after the ceremony. According to Today, the photographer suddenly suggested Jaclyn raise her left arm for a “new signature pose.”

Jaclyn was hesitant, since this was her broken arm. But then she looked around at the party—and saw her husband, bridesmaids and groomsmen were all raising their arms, too.

The entire wedding party had matching bandages around their wrists!

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The party had all secretly wrapped Ace bandages around their wrists in solidarity, as a surprise for Jaclyn. Even the photographer was in on it. They all had a fun time posing for the photos.

“Jonathan said, ‘I wear it better,’” Jaclyn recalled to Today. “Then the guys said, ‘No, we wear it better.’ Then the girls said, ‘No, we do.’”

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The fun surprise was exactly what Jaclyn needed—not just after her injury, but the overall stress of the wedding, and she was thankful to her friends for sharing the moment with her.

“I was literally laughing to the point of tears,” she told Inside Edition. “It was something I had no idea they were doing. I never expected that. It was very kind. It was very heartfelt.”

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But she was especially grateful to her new husband, who planned the whole thing.

“I just fall in love with him each day, over and over again,” she told Inside Edition.

“I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”

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