She’s not called “Glam Ma” for nothing! Tea Flego’s grandmother, Livia, is taking the Internet by storm with her glamorous looks.

Flego is a makeup artist with her own studio in Pula, Croatia, and has done work in the music and film industry. When she’s not putting makeup on people in the entertainment industry she’s glamming up her grandmother.

This is Glam Ma’s no-makeup selfie.

According to TODAY, Flego has been experimenting makeup looks on Livia ever since the makeup artist was a little girl.

“My granny was always my model,” Flego told Buzzfeed. “She always loved makeup, and it was not a problem for her.”

Check out the transformation!

Each time Livia gets a makeover, Flego shares the video or pictures online—and they are met with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Flego posts all of Glam Ma’s looks on her Instagram page.

Livia, who lives in a nursing home in Croatia, loves to have her granddaughter do her makeup.

Flego told TODAY that “blurring wrinkles is [her] favorite part.” Once the makeup artist smooths her grandmother’s skin she’ll apply some false eyelashes and fill in her eyebrows. Occasionally Flego will also use hair extensions on her grandmother.

It’s no wonder the people at Livia’s nursing home call her a star!

While Livia admits that she loves her wrinkles in her old age, she also loves being made up. And when you have someone like Flego experimenting on you all of the time, who wouldn’t love to look glamorous all of the time?

“She is not ashamed of her wrinkles and age,” Flego said to Buzzfeed. “But she says, ‘Why wouldn’t I go to the nursing home ball with full makeup and look 30 years younger?'”

YAS Glam Ma!

Work it, girl!

You can see more photos of Glam Ma and Flego’s work on Flego’s Instagram.