The Gravell family from Wales had their trip to the beach all planned. A relaxing day wading and swimming in the water, taking in the warm sunshine, and having a picnic lunch were all on the agenda. When they arrived at Burry Port beach, that’s exactly what they did.

Little did they know there would be a shocking and unexpected twist that would leave them with a story to share for the rest of their lives.

It started as just an ordinary day at the beach.

(Stock photo: Pixabay/CCO)

Kelly and Gareth Gravell, parents of two adorable little kids, one son and one daughter, were enjoying exploring the beach, when they came across a large, round object.

They thought they’d found something interesting.

(Stock Photo: Pixabay/CCO)

When they found what looked to be a seaweed and barnacle-covered buoy that had washed ashore, they felt very lucky to have discovered such a rarity!

The kids enjoyed playing with the “buoy” and were fascinated by its goose-neck barnacle covering.

But what exactly was it?

(Twitter/Gareth Gravell)

A few days later, Gareth saw on the news that the beach had been closed because the Carmarthenshire Council rangers had found an unexploded bomb on the beach. Surely it couldn’t have been that round, buoy-like thing the kids had posed for photographs next to?

It was a bomb and it could have exploded!

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What?! The kids were playing with a bomb and we took pictures of it?! When the family learned the true identity of the object they were as stunned as many others were. It was a not something you see often, and the reality of the potentially deadly explosion left the Gravells unsettled, to say the least.

‘I even made the joke that it was a big bomb at the time but did not think anything of it. It’s only afterwards when the reality has set in that we were actually very lucky,” Kelly said according to The Telegraph.

‘We were close to disaster — it’s shocking.”

The origin of the bomb — likely a World War II era sea mine — is not clear, but nonetheless, it was still deadly.

Officials cleared the beach and blew it up!

Council officials called in the Royal Navy bomb squad who detonated the World War II bomb as people looked on from a safe distance. A day at the beach was possible once again!