Just off the coast of the Romanian town of Costinesti stands a ghost of a ship, abandoned in the shallows after running aground five decades ago. It has become a popular site for tourists, with amazing views inside the massive craft accessible by kayak.

The locals know her as the Evangelia, but in her long and dignified service, she has had many names.


The Evangelia was commissioned by the UK Ministry of War Transport and built in Northern Ireland in 1942. It’s first name was the Empire Strength, and it served in WW2 as a cargo ship.

In Britain’s quest to break the U-boat blockade of Britain, it ran war supplies throughout the world; from Northern Ireland to South America, to New Zealand, Australia, and even to the Philippines.

With the war over, the Empire Strength was sold to the Blue Star Shipping company in 1946 and renamed the Saxon Star.


In 1961, she was then bought by a Welsh company and renamed the Redbrook. For the next four years, the craft operated out of Cardiff in Wales until it was finally sold again in 1965.

The ship’s last owner, a Greek company, renamed it the E Evangelia, where it ran cargo through the Adriatic and Black Seas.


After three years of serving her new owners, the ship ran aground off the coast in Romania in 1968.


The ship could not be salvaged, and the owners abandoned her.

The Romanian state then took possession of the shipwreck. 


The Evangelia‘s long and distinguished career ended on the shores of Romania, where a small beach-side resort has grown around the wreck.

The ship remains one of the area’s most impressive attractions.

(Wikipedia Commons/The Forgotten Ship, June 19, 2005)

Watch the whole adventure below: