Are you getting enough sleep?

Turns out, being tired in the morning might not have to do with how much sleep you’re getting, but how your body responds to the time of day.

Sleep expert Michael Breus, Ph.D gave some insight to what a person’s sleeping pattern might say about their personality and how you can maximize your waking hours.

If you wake up early

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Do you get up early in the morning and feel ready to go? If so, you’re probably also confident and achievement-oriented.

This means your best hours are ones in the morning, and you should schedule all your important meetings or strategic thinking early.

Breus advises exercising early evening, around 6 to 7 p.m., for that kick of endorphins that will take you through evening and night events like networking, because you’ll usually be ready to turn in early as well.

Are you a night owl?

If you can’t imagine sleeping before midnight, you’re probably the creative type.

That means, upon the first alarm in the morning, you’re probably still coming out of REM sleep, mixing thoughts between the conscious and unconscious.

Breus recommends setting a second alarm 20 minutes later, and maybe keep a notepad by your bed in case you come out of that sleepy period with some great ideas.

Take mornings for some routine work, and leave the creative thinking and mental heavy lifting starting early afternoon.

Do you need your set 7 to 8 hours?

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Most people do, so you’re in good company. These people are amiable enough, especially if they’ve gotten enough sleep.

Breus says if you have a “high sleep drive” you’ll need to make sure you are sleeping for the hours that you need. Your productive hours are between 10 a.m. and noon, so don’t let those hours slip by!

He recommends taking a walk before lunch to speed up your metabolism, and help avoid that early afternoon crash. Schedule busywork for late afternoon, when your energy dwindles down.

Don’t like sleep?

If you don’t sleep much (low sleep drive), and have a hard time sleeping, you’re probably always on the go. You’re always on the lookout for potential dangers, and quite the go-getter.

Breus recommends turning down coffee for morning exercises instead, to bring up your heart rate during sleepy mornings.

Your body might be groggy, but your mind might still be hyperactive—so use morning time for brainstorming.

You’re especially alert between 2 to 4 p.m., so schedule your detailed work for afternoons.

Which sleep pattern describes you?

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