With the news on oncoming hurricanes, Carlos and Tammy Sepada were evacuated from the Houston area in Texas earlier in August. During their drive out, the Sepadas stopped by their mother-in-law’s at the family-owned Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas, a few hours north. There they met a waitress named Mary, who listened to their story with wide eyes.

They told her about where they lived, shared their worries about the damages it might cause. Then she took off to the back of the restaurant, but didn’t yet tell the Sepadas what she was up to.

Before they left, Mary handed Tammy a folded up piece of paper, but they didn’t look at it until they’d gone out to the parking lot.

Then they saw it.

“This isn’t much compared to your loss. Buy you something special,” Mary wrote. “God Bless—my prayers are with you.”

(Facebook/Carlos Sepeda Jr)

Enclosed was also a $100 bill.

The Sepadas were touched, but felt they could not take her money—and turned right around to walk back into the restaurant and tell her so.

“Her reply was she had gone to the back and prayed on it and she refused to take the money back. She then offered us a table a chairs if we needed them,” Carlos shared on Facebook.

So the Sepadas instead decided they would pay it forward. Carlos shared the story on Facebook, encouraging others to go to Sam’s and tip Mary well.

“This is how I know Texas is great!” he wrote.

After hearing this story, thousands shared it and wrote in well wishes to Mary.

“There are so many good things in all of us and like “Mary” that you’ve met who is such a beautiful human being, inspite of all the adversities you’ve been through, “Mary’ gave a light of hope and love not only to you but made us believed that goodness and kindness will continue to outweighs and triumphant the difficulties that we all encounter,” one commenter wrote.

“There are many more good hearts than bad ones,” wrote another.